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The FUSO CANTER LIFT's DUONIC™ transmission is a new technology in truck engineering, giving you all the advantages of an Automated Mechanical Transmission (AMT). The dual-clutch AMT system pre-selects the next gear, giving you virtually no torque interruption, no power lag, and a seamless transition between gears. With its low maintenance demands and longer service intervals, the FUSO Canter LIFT spends more time on the road bringing home its payload.



One engine is used across the FUSO CANTER LIFT range, with two application-dependent output ratings. The 4P10 engine, with electronic common-rail fuel injection, produces a minimum of 96kW and, in our other models, a maximum of 110kW. With a capacity of 2 998cc, this turbo intercooled engine provides excellent flexibility, brisk acceleration and class-leading fuel efficiency. Coupled to our 4P10 engine is either the easy-shifting, five-speed manual transmission, or the innovative DUONIC™ transmission on premium models. Our six-speed automatic DUONIC™ transmission ensures smooth and accurate gearshifts, delivering increased acceleration, performance and better fuel economy.


Its latest technology chassis design makes the FUSO CANTER LIFT suitable for a wide range of different body applications. Hot-rolled and riveted sections ensure a rugged but flexible and lightweight chassis frame. While clean chassis top rails with pre-drilled holes allow for quick, easy and more affordable body-mounting. Our 8.5 ton GVM models have an 850mm wide chassis with stabiliser bars as standard equipment, providing better stability and minimising chassis-roll when fitted with extra-wide cargo bodies.


ABS and EBD, self-adjusting brakes, non-asbestos brake linings, reverse warning buzzer, tachometer, spin-on type fuel filter, spin-on type engine oil filter, seatbelts, cigarette lighter, heater and defroster, standard tool set, hydraulic jack, air conditioner


The safer the cab, the safer the driver and the payload. The FUSO CANTER LIFT gives you all the stopping power and control of a high-end passenger car, with disc brakes and dual callipers all round. Selected models also feature an SRS driver-side airbag. There's also ABS, and Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD) makes sure that the truck stops in the minimum distance possible. Should partial brake failure occur, at least half of the braking power remains operational. The park function automatically locks the transmission for extra safety (when the gear lever is in park, the back wheels are locked even if the handbrake isn't


Crash protection is comprehensively managed through our Realised Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) system. Safety features include reinforced cab floors, collapsible steering columns, cross-doorframe bars and impact-absorbing dashboards made from shatter-resistant materials. ABS and non-asbestos brake linings are fitted as standard on all FUSO CANTERS.


With its short-throw gearstick mounted on the dash and its elevated steering column, there's enough room to seat three comfortably in the cab. The DUONIC™ transmission gives you the smooth gear shifts of an automatic with all the control of a manual. The FUSO CANTER LIFT does the job of a truck, but drives like a car. Electric windows are available on selected models, but aircon and a radio/CD player come standard. The front grille of the FUSO CANTER LIFT features wrap-around halogen headlamps with clear-lens indicators. Front fog lamps are also standard on all models.


FUSO Trucks are warranted against defects and faulty workmanship. Contact us to experience what Quality and Reliability really means. Terms and conditions apply.

4 year / 240 000km


We keep your vehicles running perfectly to minimise the impact of downtime on your business. Contact your nearest dealer for a tailor-made SERVICE PLAN to fit your needs. Best Service Support from FUSO.

20 000 km’s and 25 000 km’s


Our dealer network is ready to assist with customing your FUSO Truck meet all your requirements and suit your budget. Contact your nearest dealer for Value for Money at its best.

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