Sprinter Inkanyezi

Sprinter Inkanyezi

Spaciousness, comfort and safety: the Sprinter Inkanyezi.

Industrious, yet comfortable

Mercedes-Benz Vans Southern Africa has been offering the Sprinter Inkanyezi as the most ideal solution for the South African taxi industry for decades.

IsiZulu for “star”, the Sprinter Inkanyezi continues to be the vehicle of choice for various taxi associations, as well as its passengers who ask for the star by name.

Whether for short or long distances, the reliability, comfort and safety of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Inkanyezi ensures that it remains the leader when it comes to peace of mind and effortless transport of passengers and their luggage.

The popular Inkanyezi 516 CDI and 519 CDI models are only available through Mercedes-Benz Van South Africa, in cooperation with the approved bodybuilders programme, “VanPartner”. To ensure that there is a Sprinter Inkanyezi for all transport needs, it is available in high, medium and base specification configurations. The new Inkanyezi impresses with innovative offerings that include the telematics systems MBUX and increased levels of safety systems such as the optionally available Active Braking Assist.

Active Brake Assist

Active Brake Assist.

Support ranging from warning to emergency braking.

Active Brake Assist can help to prevent accidents with vehicles in front and with crossing pedestrians or to minimise their consequences. If a danger of collision is detected, a visual and acoustic warning is first triggered. If the driver brakes, they are also supported by the adaptive Brake Assist. If required, this creates additional braking pressure in order to avoid a collision where possible. If the driver does not respond, the system initiates autonomous emergency braking. At low speeds this can be sufficient to prevent a rear-end collision.

Blind Spot Assist

Helps when changing lane and reversing out of a parking space.

Monitors the hard-to-see areas at the sides and behind the vehicle.

Blind Spot Assist with Rear Cross Traffic Alert can use visual and acoustic warning signals to help avoid accidents when changing lane and reversing out of a parking space. If Blind Spot Assist detects a vehicle in the blind spot, it displays a warning with a red triangle in the corresponding exterior mirror. If the indicator is activated despite this visual warning, the triangle starts to flash quickly and an acoustic warning signal is also sounded. Furthermore, Rear Cross Traffic Alert can help to avoid accidents when reversing out of a parking space by warning the driver of crossing traffic.

Active Lane Keeping Assist

Helps the driver stay in lane.

Can warn and guide the vehicle back into its lane. Inattention and fatigue can result in you drifting out of your lane without realising it. If this happens, Active Lane Keeping Assist can immediately warn the driver by means of a pulsed vibration of the steering wheel. If the driver does not react to the warning, Active Lane-Keeping Assist can help to return the vehicle to the correct lane by selectively braking individual wheels. With the help of a camera, the system can detect if continuous road markings are being driven through.


Hassle-free parking and manoeuvring.

All-round overview and obstacle warning.

The Parking Package with 360° camera can relieve the driver with an all-round view and Parking Assist as well as when parking and manoeuvring. The 360-degree camera makes the area immediately surrounding the vehicle visible, both from a bird's-eye view and below the window line. It thereby helps to identify any obstacles when parking or manoeuvring. Furthermore, at speeds of up to 10 km/h, Parking Assist visually and audibly warns of obstacles in front of the vehicle and behind, and thus helps prevents damage when parking and manoeuvring. Additional support when driving away is provided by the Drive Away Assist, which automatically reduces the speed if the system detects obstacles in the direction of travel before moving off. This allows rear-end collisions due to the selection of a wrong gear or the mixing up of the accelerator and brake pedal to be prevented.

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